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The Music @Slam

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Music has always been an integral and powerful force behind TamaSlama.  The competition for Team Dance-off recently catching the eye of Eurovision producers (watch this space).  From DJ's & Visuals to Live Bands, we've been entertained by the best!  We've seen...

  • the Tama Kiosk transformed into an Ibiza-like beach club,

  • stunning guitar & vocals from up & coming local, Gavin Mac,

  • Rip'n Tarantino-Surf-Rockabilly from Sydney's Mezcaltones,

  • world records for the longest solo DJ set in the Southern Hemisphere (Tommy Hamblyn), and

  • random outbreaks beach dancing sweeping the nation!

Checkout our most recent playlists on Spotify - Country Slam kicked off the event at the Sheds Friday night and opened up Tourney day with Sunrise...

Slam Music Crew

The unsung heroes of slam through the years...our DJ & Visual masters.  They've done it for little to no pay, worked there fingers to the bone and had to weave in a few volleyball games between boogies...but they do it with a smile and have created a lifetime of memories for us all. 

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