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Country Slam

For years I'd suggested that volleyball can be played away from the beach...but most thought I was crazy. Having played all over Colorado, I knew it was real.

Year 13 in the TamaSlama saga was our most audacious endeavor yet. To pull it off we needed to build a sand volleyball court, a road, multiple road culverts, showers and clear paddocks for campgrounds - all in an effort to keep 100 slammers alive for a weekend.

Well...that effort took Paulie & Gerg (with help from Nick) over 6 months and tens of hours of manual labour. We moved upwards of 60 tons of clay to create Court 2 alone. Don't tell Nick but we also managed to bog the 6 ton loader and the new John Deere - along with destroying two fence sections and the flying fox ;-).

Thanks to Paulie @BDE Studios for the wicked Country Slam wrap-up video. Finger lick'n good!!

Finally...thank YOU all for brining that true TamaSlama vibe...the energy was incredible and you all made the event so special for Jenn, Sarah, Paulie and myself. Keep on slammin!

ps. we had more injuries at CountrySlam than we had in the 12 combined slams preceding it...please take care on Island Slam

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