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Newy Slam

After a successful first ever Tama Slama on the road the previous year in Bendalong...we looked for another beach within striking distance from Sydney.

With so many options...coming up with slam locations is no easy task. Like South Coast Slam, I looked for a bit of fate to deliver us our next location. In this case, my great friend, basketball teammate and physio, Paul "Harry" Harrison - was the deciding factor. He'd just moved to Newcastle and his 50th BDay was lining up with slam dates. Boom...Merewether Beach was given the nod.

Like so many slams before...we saw major storms across NSW for the week leading up to Newy Slam. In fact, it was raining the night before as we arrived at Dixon Park on the Friday.

But as they've done for 13 years...the 'God's of Slam' the clouds parted and the sunshine prevailed all day long!

This was also the first ever slam for new friend, Paulie Borrud. Not only did he put together this excellent post slam video wrap-up but he also developed a taste for slam and contributed his blood, sweat and land to make Country Slam a reality!

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