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South Coast Slam

This was our first year away from Tamarama Beach...guess you could call it a covid silver lining...Tama was closed!

I still remember the chat with long time slam supporter Matt O'Neill. I was ready to try something new...put TamaSlama on the shelf for a few years. Besides, with covid lockdowns and limits on # of people who could gather in the park...Tama was a no go!

Matt was adamant that slam must go on...the crew needed to unleash. Well...unleash we did...the first ever TamaSlama on the road had a full compliment of teams and the first post party to go til 330am when the cops came from an hour away, Nowra station - see the email below from the AirBnB rep.

Of course the decision of where to host was in large part thanks to big Stu Klees. Stu contributed his beach pad for the post party and gave us the anchor for the event. Given the remote location on the South Coast of NSW...we were certain there'd by no covid police or nanny state reaction to the event. We filled the local rental market and put 80 people through the only other business in town...the pizza oven guy!

Now...there are magic moments in every TamaSlama...but wanted to share one special moment from this slam that we've seen in most's the Read St Rebels team taking their first ever trophy the 11th TamaSlama!

South Coast Slam proved we could get mobile and deliver the same magic on the road...thus the commitment was made to 10 years of TamaSlama on the Road! Thank you all for brining the passion!

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