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The Logo

Welcome to the ESPN Ocho - the story behind the story. We'll dig into the archives of TamaSlama to see just how much booze was needed to create the brand.

In the begining, there was no logo, no brand, no global was just some mates playing volley in fancy dress...much to the bewilderment of the locals. But that all changed one quite, sunny afternoon in early 2014 at the Ivy Pool Club.

Founders, Jenn & Gerg Miller, were enjoying the sun in a poolside cabana when the conversation turned to what would become, TamaSlama II. Longtime friends from America, Thomas "Moss" Barron and John "JR" Rogers had joined them poolside and were into thier 6th bottle of Veuve Clicquot discussing "the plan".

Detals were flowing as fast as the Champers and a brand outline was coming together under the 5th floor plam trees. JR (soon to be official slam artist) grabed a napkin and went to the pens...ala job offers on the back of a silicon valley napkin...he's first sketch was spot on (see below)! Knowing Gerg's penchant for Cowboy hats...he quickly added a rudimentary Stetson on top a beach volleyball. With the addition of Gerg's lifelong goatee (possibly a moss iteration), the logo was born.

With napkin in hand...Jenn hit the tools...she sent a photo of the napkin to her off-shore team in the Philippines with instructions for logo file creation. Within a 7th bottle of Veuve...the official png/jpg files were returned and handed off to Gerg. Files were sent to our earliest TamaSlama partner, Intandem. They made the first ever TamaSlama Trucker Hat & Beer fact...they were responsibe for the merch up to Country Slam when we upgraded to BigTruck!

As we moved from Tamarama beach to 10 years of Slam on the Road...we extended into sub-brands for Southcoast Slam, Newy Slam, Country Slam and now Island Slam. But our core, our culture, will forever be...TamaSlama.

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